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The fastest and easiest way for dealers to see an immediate boost in sales is to get better on the phone.

Car Wars tracks and records every inbound AND outbound call at your dealership and tells you how those calls are handled, alerts you when a call needs attention, and actively works to help your store improve performance.

    • Missed sales opportunity
    • Never miss an opportunity

      Be alerted via text or email when a sales opportunity needs your attention.

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    • call tracking report
    • Hold your team accountable

      Improve team performance with agent-level reporting that shows you how well your staff handles each sales lead at your dealership.

    • automotive staff report
    • Get insight at a glance

      Utilize easy-to-digest reporting that highlights key problems and trends on the phone.

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    • Incentivize best phone practices

      Challenge your team with weekly, head-to-head battles against other top-performing dealerships.

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Get better on the phone.

Car Wars is the only automotive call tracking solution that helps dealers generate more calls and reinforces the phone skills needed to book more appointments.

Our live human reviewers listen to every call coming into and out of your dealership for things like appointment requests and sales opportunities.

We show you what's happening on your phones so you can focus on saving missed opportunities.

  • We show you what's happening on your phones so you can focus on saving missed opportunities.

    Car Wars enforces performance accountability by immediately notifying you and your team of sales leads that need attention.

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"Accountability and activity is directly tied to how many cars we sell. If we have a slow month, we don't have to look far to see why."
Steve LeSueur Sales Manager
"Before we got on Grudge Match and even Car Wars, I thought we were better at setting the appointment"
Jose Lazo General Manager
"This is how we're going to become more successful."
Sean Hodges General Sales Manager
"Car Wars provided us with a wake up call, and even better, the solution to fix it!"
Jeff Knudson Online Operations Manager
  • Car Wars helps you get more of the quality sales calls you want by showing you what's working and what's not.

    Car Wars tells you which ad sources are generating phone calls and resulting in appointments so you can spend money on marketing campaigns that work.

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