Artificial Performance Manager
Cari starts each agent's day with insight into yesterday's phone performance so they know who to follow up with and next steps for adjusting their approach to book more appointments that day. She also keeps phone performance top of mind all day by rotating LIVE phone performance stats, CRISP reporting, and daily progress toward dealership goals on your store's TV screen.
Cari's daily stats email provides the feedback you rarely have time to give
More Organized CRM
Cari ensures every sales call gets upped and assigned in CRM so that your workflow gets started. With voice recognition, she identifies the agent who handled the call. Additionally, her team of people combs through your phone bucket or Desk Log for sales calls that need to be upped - linking the call to a prospect or creating one, assigning it, and indicating a source.
Safety Net
Cari's deep insight into every opportunity equips managers with the tools to save mishandled leads and prevent good leads from falling off the radar. She makes it easy to quickly know exactly what happened on sales calls - regardless of the language - by providing easily digestible recaps of each call's most important details.