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What Unleashed means to us redo
Show how your dealership Owns the Phone in a 1-3 minute video.

Music? Blast it. Dancing? No judgment here. Costumes? You bet. Cool cars? Yes, please.
Get that Service department involved. Let's hear from your whole staff!

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Include dealership name and one sentence on how your dealership Owns The Phone!
Contest ends 11/20/2018.
The Car Wars Team will vote on the winner.
At Car Wars, we're obsessed with helping you Own The Phone. So we Unleashed everything: our full suite of Sales, Service and AI solutions to help you Unleash your phone potential.
Unleashed means all of the tools you need for Sales, Service, and AI now in one package.
Help More Customers, Quicker
Dynamic Customer Recognition
Most Qualified Routing
Relevant Caller Info on Live Calls
Open in CRM Link on Live Calls
CDK DMS Dip for Service Info
Do More With Existing Opportunities
Missed Opportunity Alerts
Caller Sentiment Detection
Sensitive Information Removal
Keyword Detection and Search
Gain Comprehensive Insight
CRISP Reporting
Voice Recognition
Caller Gender Detection
Foreign Language Translation
Voicemail Transcription
Call Recaps
Actively Improve Phone Performance
Call Box
Daily Agent Stats Report
Car Wars Edge
Listen in to Live Calls
Agent Talk Time Analysis
Facial Expression Detection
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