"Car Wars provided us with a wake up call, and even better, the solution to fix it!"

Jeff Knudson Online Operations Manager

Uncovering a Valuable Profit Leak with Car Wars

Just a few short months ago, Garber Automall started out like most dealerships: they weren't doing anything to monitor their calls and thought they were doing a decent job at handling the calls that were getting answered.

Once Car Wars was introduced to the dealership, they realized they were missing more than just a handful of calls. Connection rates were low, they were missing appointment opportunities left and right, and they were missing out on valuable leads. Something needed to change, and Car Wars was exactly the wake up call the dealership needed to foster that change.

Seeing the dealership today, you would never guess at one point in time they had no system in place to handle or supervise their calls. Jeff Knudson, the Online Operations manager, explains, "Prior to Car Wars our dealerships did very little, if any type of call monitoring. We didn't know how many calls were answered, answered professionally or went completely unanswered."

When the dealership first started Car Wars, Knudson was the only person utilizing the platform. He used it to monitor call volumes for both traditional and digital advertising and other media. Now the entire sales team is involved.

While Knudson still deals solely with their advertising and lead providers, the management team is engaged in the rest of the platform. The team listens to calls multiple times throughout the day and shares calls with employees who missed or mishandled calls.

Additionally, since Car Wars integrates with the CRM they use, the managers get to listen to calls without ever having to leave the CRM platform. This engagement and integration allows them to follow up on missed opportunities promptly and truly utilize Car Wars in a way that helps get customers into the dealership.

"It's safe to say our entire team has seen the value in reacting to these calls quickly and efficiently," Knudson says.

They mean it. Not only that, but they have the hard data to prove it. In January, the Automall's appointment request rate was at 42%. Not even four months later, the appointment request rate jumped up to 65%!

Knudson attributes a lot of their success to Car Wars - it helped point out a huge volume of calls the dealership was missing.

"The functionality of Car Wars is so simple...[and it] has provided numerous opportunities to save business that would have otherwise been lost," Knudson mentions. "We have virtually gone from a business that ignored the telephones to one that has made them our top priority."

In just a few short months, the guys at Garber Automall have gone from unaware to completely conscious of what's happening on the phones at the dealership. They're making it a team effort to make sure every call gets handled. This prioritization is helping them salvage missed opportunities and figure out where the "leaks" are.

Garber Automall has gone from good to great, and because of their engagement in the platform, they're only going to get better. In Knudson's own words, "Car Wars provided us a wake up call, and even better, the solution to fix it!"

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