How AI is Redefining Dealership Phone Training

From ineffective training methods to limited resources, dealerships often face significant obstacles when it comes to training their phone agents to handle customer calls. Traditional training methods may be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and minimally effective in imparting essential phone skills to dealership agents.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted on Automotive News, Car Wars' Ryan Pitz and Curtis Batsel share how the innovative integration of artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance agent phone training. By exploring the synergy between human expertise and AI capabilities, dealers will see how this combination yields optimal training outcomes and a competitive edge. The two phone experts explain how dealers can leverage AI-driven tools to revolutionize their phone training processes and empower their agents. Furthermore, dealers will learn how to achieve greater transparency and operational efficiency to deliver exceptional customer experiences, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Watch this innovative on-demand webinar to:

Grasp the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI in dealership training processes.
Learn how to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional training methods.
See real examples of how AI can enhance customer interactions and optimize training processes.
Understand how to implement AI-driven solutions for better operational efficiency and phone handling excellence in your dealership.

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Ryan has a deep understanding of call tracking technology, as well as the strategies and techniques to convert callers to firm appointments that show. He has trained thousands of automotive sales professionals and BDC agents across North America. He is highly skilled at training and enabling dealers to maximize phone leads on both inbound and outbound calling.

Curtis joined Car Wars in March 2018. He has been leading the Client Success team for 3 years, and their sole mission is to help dealers uncover more value from Car Wars. When he's not helping dealers own the phone, you can find him hiking with his wife and 4 kids or trying to find the best sushi spot nearby.