Car Wars Battle Tactics:
8 Strategies to Achieve Victory on the Phone

Getting the most out of your platform means knowing how to use ALL the resources at your disposal. The tools and technology you utilize each day should allow you to go into battle on every call armed with what you need to crush Sales and Service opportunities.

In our webinar, Car Wars' Clint Byers and Curtis Batsel will uncover hidden strategies to assist every agent in being effective on the phone to achieve victory during the sales cycle. You'll walk away knowing how you can leverage Car Wars to make clear enhancements to phone processes and create improvements in call performance that boost your bottom line.

In this free webinar, you'll discover:

How to quickly identify and act on high-grossing leads
New ways to gauge customer experience and proactively respond to negative outcomes
How to instantly and effectively route customers to their intended party
How to effectively surface prime Sales and Service opportunities from your call recordings
Car Wars' new virtual phone training solution and why it's proven to work
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Clint joined Car Wars in June 2015. Clint spent the first six years of his time at Car Wars working with top dealer groups around the country to help them own the phone. Now, he heads up Sales Development for Car Wars.

Curtis joined Car Wars in March 2018. He has been leading the Client Success team for 3 years, and their sole mission is to help dealers uncover more value from Car Wars. When he's not helping dealers own the phone, you can find him hiking with his wife and 4 kids or trying to find the best sushi spot nearby.