6 Call Routing Strategies to Revolutionize your Dealership

Are you tired of missed sales opportunities or frustrated customers hanging up on hold?

Uncover the secrets of efficient call routing and how it can revolutionize your dealership's customer service and sales processes. Learn from Car Wars experts as we debunk common misconceptions about call routing and explore the benefits of implementing call routing solutions tailored to your dealership's unique needs. By optimizing your dealership's call routing profiles, you'll be able to capture more sales opportunities, reduce call drop-offs, and ensure that every inquiry is handled promptly and professionally.

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover:

How to enhance customer experience by utilizing effective call routing strategies
Six strategies and tools to boost your dealership's sales and operational efficiency
Optimal connection methods to ensure every caller receives the help they need
Call routing trends and insights Car Wars has seen evolve in the industry

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Andrew joined Car Wars in 2015 and has worn multiple hats during his time at Car Wars. He enjoys finding innovative solutions to help dealers not only Own the Phone, but also reduce turnover at dealerships. In his free time, he likes playing music and reading.

Alex joined the Car Wars team back in 2015. He has been working with a variety of dealers for over 8 years and has seen different routing techniques (from big to small) enhance the dealership's phone performance. He now oversees Florida and Puerto Rico, but you can find him trying out a variety of authentic taco joints across Texas.