7 Clear-Cut Strategies to Boost Your Dealership's Results Through Call Tracking

Every dealership leverages the phone. It's the lifeline of a well-run dealership. Top dealers, however, harness the power of the phone through call tracking. This investment in call tracking directly translates to an increase in bottom-line revenue. With the automotive industry facing an uncertain economic environment, properly leveraging the most critical tool at your fingertips can be the determining factor in a successful year.

In this webinar, Car Wars' Judson Jones and Matt Alford will share exactly what call tracking is and why it's viewed as a cornerstone for top automotive dealerships. They'll provide seven actionable steps to effectively leverage call tracking at your dealership. From AI-powered reviews to extensive CRM integrations, they'll share clear-cut methods to get the most out of your dealership's call tracking solutions.

In this FREE on-demand webinar, you'll discover:

Why high-performing dealerships view call tracking as a necessity for ongoing growth
Seven proven strategies to capitalize on your call tracking solution and stay ahead of the competition
Straightforward recommendations to train your agents and build phone handling accountability
What features and capabilities of call tracking you can immediately leverage that directly translate to your bottom line
How to optimize your current call tracking solution to recapture otherwise lost leads

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Judson works with and manages some of our top dealer organizations to increase their bottom line through enhancing phone handling and converting more opportunities. He loves building relationships and working with dealers who are passionate about creating a winning culture.

Matt joined the Car Wars team in September of 2021. He quickly made an impact in sales development before stepping into his current role as an account executive. Matt has experience partnering with dealers both large and small to develop a phone process that works for each unique dealership. Originally from SoCal, you can find Matt trying BBQ and sweet tea to blend in with the rest of Texas.