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Discover Car Wars' entire suite of CRISP solutions to take your phone handling performance to the next level!

Find out how Billy got CRISP on the phone!

Are You Hungry to Start Owning the Phone?
Car Wars' CRISP offerings change the game when it comes to phone handling.
Artificial Intelligence allows you to stop wasting time listening to calls.
Advanced A.I. technology reviews, analyzes, and summarizes EVERY inbound and outbound call allowing you to stay on top of each opportunity.
Keyword Search locates the calls you want to see quickly.
Stay ahead of the competition by finding calls referencing a specific vehicle or service.
Evaluate agents' phone performance with Voice Recognition.
Voice Recognition automatically assigns calls to the appropriate agents so you're aware who handled the call and can assess performance.
CRISP Certification ensures your team is fully equipped to handle any call.
CRISP Certification is a virtual training program that teaches effective phone handling skills to your salespeople and service agents.

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