The Key to Building a High-Performing Business Development Center

Jacob Berry knows Business Development Centers (BDCs). In fact, it's his job as the Director of Contact Center at RumbleOn. With many dealers either considering adding a BDC or looking to optimize the BDC they already have in place, it’s important to understand and maximize the effectiveness of your team.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted with Digital Dealer, Jacob will join Car Wars' Jeff Serra and Barbie Brand to share his key to developing a high-performing BDC or Contact Center. He’ll discuss the tools he finds critical to evaluate and optimize agent outcomes, proven strategies he leverages to build accountability among teams, and the specific metrics he relies on to benchmark his contact center’s performance. He’ll also answer questions about the lessons he’s learned during his years in the industry and how a contact center plays a critical role in a dealership’s success.

In this FREE webinar, you'll discover:

How to maximize the effectiveness of your dealership's BDC
Proven tools to evaluate BDC performance and build agent accountability
What metrics to focus on to cultivate a high-performing BDC
Optimal BDC setup to convert more opportunities and enhance caller experience
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