5 Key Indicators of a Declining CSI Score & How to Overcome Them

Most often, a customer's first interaction with your Service Department is over the phone. It can make or break the customer experience and determine their mindset before they even walk through your doors. If a customer has a poor phone experience for any reason, it may be the only thing they remember from an otherwise excellent service. Furthermore, modern customers expect prompt replies, consistent updates, and personalized attention via their communication method of choice. The phone is a dealer's secret weapon to provide an experience customers will rave to their friends about. But in the wrong hands, the phone can become a direct path to failure.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted on Digital Dealer, Ryan Pitz and Brett Spelker will share the crucial role customer experience plays in capturing more ROs and improving CSI scores. The phones aren't just an indicator of a declining CSI score, they're often the first and most important indication that customers aren't satisfied. Ryan and Brett will share five key indicators of a declining CSI score and offer immediate solutions to overcome these common challenges.

Key Learning Objectives:

Discover how the phone plays a critical role in improving customer experience and obtaining repeat business
Learn five clues your CSI score may be declining and how to proactively improve it
Gain insight into the role consistent status updates play in customer experience and how to become more efficient in providing regular updates

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Ryan has a deep understanding of call tracking technology, as well as the strategies and techniques to convert callers to firm appointments that show. He has trained thousands of automotive sales professionals and BDC agents across North America. He is highly skilled at training and enabling dealers to maximize phone leads on both inbound and outbound calling.

Brett has 6 years of experience with Car Wars in phone process consulting in the Northeast region. He has helped groups like McGovern, VIP, Paul Miller, Empire and Atlantic achieve tangible improvements to their phone process and performance, in both Variable and Fixed Operations. After spending the previous year in the BI & Analytics space, he brings a fresh perspective on how to best leverage data and analytics to monetize a phone solution.