20-Minute Dealer Executive Masterclass:
5 Critical Phone Handling Strategies to Implement
in 2024

The ability to harness the most pivotal tool at your disposal — the phone — is a defining factor in whether your store has a successful 2024. Properly leveraging the phone isn't just about enhancing customer communication; it's about seizing opportunities and not allowing deals to slip through the cracks.

Discover the power of transformative strategies that will redefine your dealership's phone handling process in 2024 to capture more leads.

Watch this 20-minute webinar for dealer executives and managers to uncover:

The 5 proven techniques that successful dealers are harnessing to capture more phone leads
Specific phone handling KPIs you should apply to your 2024 goals to improve your bottom line
Why top dealers are emphasizing texting and video selling in the new year
How to prioritize agent accountability to ensure your people are professional phone handlers

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With over 2 years of experience, Brady excels in building enduring customer relationships based tailored solutions. His knack for active listening ensures that he not only meets but exceeds client expectations, while his commitment to after-sales service solidifies his role as a long-term partner. Through his genuine dedication to customer connections, he builds long-lasting relationships.

Jackson joined Car Wars in September 2021. As a client success manager, he spends most of his time at and with dealerships improving their phone processes. From single top dealers to larger groups, Jackson is dedicated to solving problems dealership face.