How Feldman Automotive Evolves for Excellence in Customer Communication

The automotive industry has experienced a transformative decade stemming from shifts in consumer behavior. From digital retailing to communication preferences, customers are prompting significant changes in the way dealers go about running their businesses. "Big" Al Gillespie and his team at Feldman and Mark Wahlberg Automotive Groups are at the forefront of these driving forces.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted with Automotive News, "Big" Al Gillespie sits down with Car Wars' Cassie Broemmer to discuss the key shifts he's seen in consumer behavior during his expansive career in automotive, and why it's critical to stay ahead of the curve in customer communication. With marketing budgets growing in a post-COVID economy, "Big" Al shares the messaging and tactics he's seen as most effective. He also covers how his dealerships continuously rely on one fundamental tool - the phone - to maintain and grow customer relationships.

In this FREE on-demand webinar:

Discover how customer communication preferences have shifted in recent years and how to stay ahead.
Identify marketing tactics that are driving positive outcomes for Feldman Automotive and which KPIs "Big" Al is keeping his eye on.
Uncover the benefits of a call center in communicating with customers and whether it's the right option for your dealership.
Learn the importance of phone training and what methods of training have been most effective for Feldman Automotive.
Discover specific tools and technology being leveraged at Feldman Automotive that have contributed to their success.

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"Big" Al Gillespie, Chief Marketing Officer, Feldman and Mark Wahlberg Automotive Groups - "Big" Al Gillespie has been involved in the dealer side of the automotive industry for over 20 years. He has tackled the challenges of multiple roles throughout his career. He has used these experiences to become an industry leader in omnichannel automotive marketing as the Chief Marketing Officer for Feldman and Mark Wahlberg Automotive Groups, one of the highest-grossing dealers in the mid-west.

Cassie Broemmer is the Chief Revenue Officer for Car Wars. She is responsible for driving revenue growth through strong partnerships with our dealer clients and partners, leveraging both the Car Wars Consulting and Sales teams. Cassie ran the Marketing and CRM divisions for Van Tuyl Group, the nation's largest privately held automotive group, for 11 years. She then led the marketing efforts to rebrand the group to Berkshire Hathaway Automotive when it was acquired in 2015. With twenty-two years in the automotive industry, she served as a district sales manager with and held positions as a regional sales manager, national sales trainer, national accounts director, and director of CRM sales at Who's Calling, Inc.