Retaining Excellence in Fixed Ops:
A Panel on Hiring, Coaching, and Motivating Staff

In the fast-paced automotive fixed ops industry, hiring and retaining top talent is crucial to success. But with a high turnover rate, it can be a challenge to keep your team motivated and engaged. In fact, according to an NADA Dealership Workforce Study, the average turnover rate for B-Service Technicians in 2022 was 28%. Even worse, it was 40% for Service Advisors.

Join our industry experts, Stephane Ferri and Ryan Pitz, alongside Matt Patterson, Service Director at Serra Toyota, and David Kain, President at Kain Automotive in a panel hosted by Connor Van Hemert! They will discuss how to create a positive work environment that fosters employee satisfaction and loyalty. You'll gain practical tips on how to coach and develop your staff to perform at their best, as well as strategies for incentivizing and rewarding their hard work. With actionable insights and strategies, you'll be able to hire, coach, and motivate your staff to help retain your top performers.

*The presented data was found on the NADA Dealership Workforce Study

After this panel, you'll discover:

Strategic solutions to retain your top talent and reduce turnover in Fixed Operations
Best practices for when you are interviewing and hiring new talent
Proven word tracks to present to your team that will help them develop their career and expand their phone handling expertise
Examples of how top dealers are motivating and rewarding staff for contributing to your CSI score and bottom line

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Connor has been helping dealers get back control of their phones for five years with Car Wars. He has served hundreds of dealers by partnering with their management teams to create actionable processes that can be measured and managed. He loves building relationships and working with dealers who want to build a successful sales culture.

Ryan has a deep understanding of call tracking technology, as well as the strategies and techniques to convert callers to firm appointments that show. He has trained thousands of automotive sales professionals and BDC agents across North America. He is highly skilled at training and enabling dealers to maximize phone leads on both inbound and outbound calling.

An Executive with 23+ years experience proudly serving the Automotive Industry, career started at Asbury Automotive for 12 yrs specializing in the creation and execution of the online digital marketing strategies & call centers for a top 6 Public Group. Then leading and working within Cox Automotive (AutoTrader, KBB, & for 6 years) leading some of the largest sales teams in the country. Leadership executive with Flexdrive (MAAS & SAAS revenue model) for 2 years then selling to ride share giant Lyft and now working at The Presidio Group to help with M&A and Capital Raises. Previously served as CEO for Purecars before leading Call Box.

Specialties: Keynote Speaker for Cox Automotive, Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Media Analysis & Insights, Sales Management Leadership Programs, Sales Operations, Team Building, Sales Executive Training, Online Advertising, Retail Dealership & Call Center Operations, Technology and Investment Banking and M&A Activities.

Matt Patterson, 19 Years with Serra Toyota of Birmingham, Currently the parts and Service director. Graduated from the University of Alabama of Birmingham with a Criminal Justice Degree. I live and breathe Serra Blood. I enjoy working for Steve / Kristina Serra and love everything about the Toyota Brand. Three Time Top 5 Southeast Pro ASM. I love coaching, developing and helping everyone around me evaluate themselves to obtain their own personal goals.