Why Your Fixed Ops Phone Calls Fail to Convert

The phone can be the most significant asset used to boost bottom-line revenue in Fixed Operations Departments... or it can become an overwhelming liability to manage. Dealerships that understand, prioritize, and effectively leverage the phone in Fixed Ops consistently see a positive return. Bob Williams, Director of Marketing and eCommerce at Gee Automotive Companies, knows that strategically managing the phone is critical to a dealership's ultimate success.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted on Automotive News, Cassie Broemmer of Car Wars sits down with Williams to get to the root of why so many dealerships struggle when it comes to converting calls in Service Departments. The two discuss not only the most common challenges dealers encounter, but also offer actionable solutions you can implement immediately to boost call conversions. From call routing mistakes to misalignment between Marketing and Fixed Ops Departments, you'll walk away armed with solutions and tactics that will directly improve your bottom line.

Watch this FREE on-demand webinar to:

Understand why successful Fixed Ops Departments rely so heavily on proper phone management.
Discover the pitfalls of quoting prices over the phone — and how to avoid them.
Determine how to get your Marketing and Fixed Ops Departments on the same page and why it's so critical to do so.
Learn the marketing tactics Williams recommends to fully capitalize on phone opportunities in Fixed Ops.

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Bob Williams grew up in the Detroit-area and started working in the automotive industry in 2000. Since then, Bob has held roles in many areas of the car business. Bob joined Gee Automotive in 2019 as Director of Marketing and eCommerce, after 5 years in a similar role at Qvale Auto Group.

Cassie is the Chief Revenue Officer for Car Wars. She is responsible for driving revenue growth through strong partnerships with our dealer clients and partners, leveraging both the Car Wars Consulting and Sales teams. Cassie ran the Marketing and CRM divisions for Van Tuyl Group, the nation's largest privately held automotive group, for 11 years. She then led the marketing efforts to rebrand the group to Berkshire Hathaway Automotive when it was acquired in 2015. With twenty-two years in the automotive industry, she served as a district sales manager with AutoTrader.com and held positions as a regional sales manager, national sales trainer, national accounts director, and director of CRM sales at Who's Calling, Inc.