GA4 Series
Unleash the Power of GA4:
Drive Marketing and Phone Conversion Success Through Website Calls

Most dealerships use Google Analytics to track their website traffic and referring sources. But on July 1, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) replaced Universal Analytics, directly impacting dealers' website analytics and marketing reporting. One of the key differences is the enhanced focus on user-centric tracking, allowing businesses to gain a more comprehensive understanding of customer interactions across various platforms and devices. Without properly setting up your GA4 account and utilizing the integrations your tech stack provides, you could be missing out on key indicators.

Join Car Wars' Connor Van Hemert and Matt Alford in the second webinar of our GA4 series. This series includes three unique webinars with different topics, hosts, and dates! Sign up for just one or all three!

In this on-demand webinar, Connor and Matt will discuss the game-changing impact of GA4 on your dealership's website and marketing. They will give a deep dive into how Car Wars' exclusive feature, Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) with Website Calls, empowers you to monitor the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts and gain clarity on what drives customers to your dealership. With this advanced knowledge, you can make more informed decisions on marketing efforts for improved phone conversion results.

After this FREE webinar, you'll walk away with:

Actionable next steps to see improvements in your website reporting through DNI
A clear understanding of how to best optimize your GA4 account
Tips on how to effectively manage your marketing budget through GA4
How to view in-depth reporting on session data with Website Calls

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Connor has been helping dealers get back control of their phones for five years with Car Wars. He has served hundreds of dealers by partnering with their management teams to create actionable processes that can be measured and managed. He loves building relationships and working with dealers who want to build a successful sales culture.

Matt has been with the Car Wars team for two years. He loves sitting down with dealers and creating a framework for each of his dealers to implement. Whether on the sales, service, or marketing front, he wants dealers to take advantage of the phones. Building a deep partnership and watching his dealers find success are his favorites parts of working at Car Wars.