3 Ways to Make Voice Recognition Assignment Smarter
Improve agent phone accountability and stop leads from slipping through the cracks by leveraging Cari’s powerful lead automation tool with these best practices.
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Voice Recognition uses machine learning and gets smarter over time, but you can speed up its learning by doing the following on a frequent basis:
Keep an Updated Staff List
  • An agent profile must exist in Car Wars for every agent that handles phone calls in order for Voice Recognition to assign the call accurately.
  • Keep your Staff Profile list up to date with current employees only by deleting profiles of previous employees. Create profiles for new agents during onboarding and ensure they enroll in Voice Recognition ASAP!
  • Creating a profile is easy! You can do it directly within the Staff Profiles hub in the Car Wars dashboard. You’ll need to add a name, role, email, and phone number.
  • Download the step-by-step guide to adding and removing new profiles
    Ensure All Staff Members Complete Voice Recognition Enrollment
  • Calls won’t automatically be assigned to the agent who handled the call until the agent completes Voice Recognition enrollment and gives consent to their voice being used for this process.
  • An agent can complete enrollment through the link in his or her Staff Profile. Encourage agents to speak in their normal speaking voice when calling the Voice Recognition Hotline — avoid sounding like a script reader or using speakerphone.
  • Download the step-by-step Voice Enrollment Guide
    Resolve Unknown Voice Samples
  • Voice Identification in the Car Wars dashboard notifies you of any unknown voice samples in your account. Click into the page to identify the voice samples you’re presented with. Identifying one sample helps Cari clear up a bunch of unassigned calls at once. Do your best to identify every audio sample presented on the page and go in every time you see a notification.
  • Another helpful tip to help Cari clear up unknown voices: Train agents to introduce themselves to the customer by name on every call. Doing so is a good way to build rapport over the phone, too.
  • Voice Recognition has not only added time back into my day, it's also reminded my team to focus on proper phone lead management within Car Wars and CRM. I'd absolutely recommend it to any other dealership manager, due to its unparalleled ability to instill accountability among salespeople "
    Dana Scarborough
    BDC Manager, Hendrick - Toyota of North Charleston
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