5 Notorious Mistakes Your Sales & Service Teams Make in Outbound Phone Handling

Did you know, 80% of outbound calls made by dealers aren't connected with a customer? Or, that over 9% of inbound calls to Service are about the status of a vehicle? Outbound phone calls hold immense opportunity, but it's an area most dealers struggle with. By tweaking your outbound phone handling strategies and properly tracking those calls to understand areas of improvement, your Sales and Service Departments can overcome one of the most notoriously challenging areas for dealers to capitalize on.

Join our Car Wars experts — Cassie Broemmer, Curtis Batsel, and Ryan Pitz — in an on-demand panel hosted by Jeff Serra! They will discuss recognizable patterns in both Sales and Service Departments that may be negatively impacting your bottom line and customer retention rates. They'll offer actionable solutions to better manage your outbound calling processes that will put you leagues ahead of your competition. You'll walk away knowing how you can leverage the phone to increase call conversion rates and strengthen outbound phone handling across your dealership.

After this FREE on-demand panel, you'll discover:

Strategic solutions to overcome common outbound phone handling mistakes
Proactive recommendations and outbound strategies for your Sales and Service Departments
Examples of why your current phone handling practices may be bringing down your bottom line
Proven word tracks to increase conversion rates and capture more opportunities on outbound calls

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Curtis joined Car Wars in March 2018. He has been leading the Client Success team for 3 years, and their sole mission is to help dealers uncover more value from Car Wars. When he's not helping dealers own the phone, you can find him hiking with his wife and 4 kids or trying to find the best sushi spot nearby.

Cassie Broemmer is the Chief Revenue Officer for Car Wars. She is responsible for driving revenue growth through strong partnerships with our dealer clients and partners, leveraging both the Car Wars Consulting and Sales teams. Cassie ran the Marketing and CRM divisions for Van Tuyl Group, the nation's largest privately held automotive group, for 11 years. She then led the marketing efforts to rebrand the group to Berkshire Hathaway Automotive when it was acquired in 2015. With twenty-two years in the automotive industry, she served as a district sales manager with AutoTrader.com and held positions as a regional sales manager, national sales trainer, national accounts director, and director of CRM sales at Who's Calling, Inc.

Ryan has a deep understanding of call tracking technology, as well as the strategies and techniques to convert callers to firm appointments that show. He has trained thousands of automotive sales professionals and BDC agents across North America. He is highly skilled at training and enabling dealers to maximize phone leads on both inbound and outbound calling.

Jeff has 20+ years of Automotive Communication SaaS experience. He joined the Car Wars team in 2021 as a Senior Account Executive after 10 years at LivePerson & 8 years at Who's Calling. Over the past 2 decades, Jeff has helped thousands of dealers with their Phone, Text, and Chat processes. He has been married for 25 years, has 4 kids, and is a SoCal native.