Navigating AI Webinar Series
Part 2:
3 Ways AI is Changing the Game in Automotive Marketing

Many dealers are blind to what is happening over the phone, especially when it comes to understanding which marketing sources are driving legitimate conversions. Every call coming into your dealership could cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of marketing dollars. Without adequately measuring your campaign results, you could be wasting money on underperforming sources and missing out on high-performing campaigns. Level up your marketing efforts by integrating artificial intelligence into your processes.

Join Car Wars' Alyssa Rich and Tanner Olson in the second webinar of our Navigating AI series. This series includes three unique webinars with different topics, hosts, and dates! Sign up for just one or all three!

After this FREE webinar, you'll walk away with:

A clear understanding of how AI can help you optimize your finite marketing budget
Actionable steps to use AI to shed light on what is really happening on the phones
An understanding of how AI can be a competitive advantage for your dealership
Tips on how to leverage AI to personalize your marketing campaigns

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Originally from Rockwall, Texas, Tanner Olson is an Account Executive at Car Wars. With a passion for sales, Tanner excels in building enduring customer relationships based tailored solutions. His knack for active listening ensures that he not only meets but exceeds client expectations, while his commitment to after-sales service solidifies his role as a long-term partner. Through his genuine dedication to customer connections, Tanner Olson epitomizes the essence of sales as he transforms transactions into impactful relationships.

Alyssa joined Car Wars in June 2022, and she is originally from Washington. She currently works as an Account Executive on the Sales Team. With 12 years of Sales experience, Alyssa is passionate about solving problems and seeing dealerships grow as they improve their phone processes. She loves building relationships with her dealers and helping them Own the Phone!