Sustaining Tradition:
How The Niello Company utilizes Car Wars for more than just tracking calls.

The Niello Company, located in Sacramento, is the area's largest automotive group with ten dealership locations and more than 700 employees. Niello is committed to providing distinctive automotive products and exceptional service to their customers — which starts on the phone.

When Dennis Gingrich, Sales and Finance Director, started at Niello, he knew a call tracking solution was essential to the group's continued growth. When Dennis turned to Car Wars to fulfill this organizational need, he found a vendor partner that was able to provide much more than just phone call metrics. Both Dennis and Kristen Long, Sales and Finance Director at Niello, believe the phone is the most critical tool at a dealership's disposal. With the help of Car Wars' CRISP metrics, The Niello Company is able to hold salespeople to a higher standard. Since implementing Car Wars, Niello has captured thousands of leads that were not being logged in CRM and achieved an overall improvement in inventory turn rate and closing ratios.

This case study presents:

  • How Niello uses Car Wars to salvage missed opportunities and improve closing ratios.
  • The importance of leveraging Car Wars' tools in overall employee development.
  • Real metrics and growth Niello stores have achieved with the help of Car Wars.
  • How Car Wars has improved employee phone skills and how its CRISP metrics extend beyond simply tracking calls.
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