Seizing Opportunity
How emphasizing consistent phone training led to a 10% increase in call connection and an 8% increase in appointments booked.

Rohrman Automotive Group is comprised of 22 stores across the Midwest. Founded on family values, Rohrman understands the importance of developing their staff and providing best-in-class customer experiences.

After looking closely at call data in Car Wars, Rohrman saw an opportunity to enhance their phone processes across their stores. With the help of Car Wars' CRISP Certification virtual training program, the Rohrman team saw increases in inbound customer call connection, growth in inviting customers into the dealership, rises in booking firm appointments, and made clear enhancements in outbound phone call performance.

This case study presents:

  • How Rohrman achieved a 10% growth in customer call connection.
  • How CRISP Certification can properly support your Sales team with effective tools and resources.
  • Detailed call data highlighting CRISP metrics before and after CRISP Certification.
  • The importance of setting performance benchmarks that are measured regularly to instill accountability.
  • The success Rohrman Automotive Group saw by implementing a group-wide phone skills training program.
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