The Rosen Way
How Customer Experience Shapes a Winning Business Model for Rosen Automotive

The past year has been unpredictable for many dealerships. In spite of this, dealers who take a proactive approach to providing exceptional customer service and honing in on fundamental phone techniques to drive new business are coming out on top. One such group, Rosen Automotive, not only managed to stay competitive this past year, but also achieve enduring growth.

In our on-demand webinar, Rosen Automotive's President, Jeff Rosen, will join Car Wars' Clint Byers and Jordan Patterson to chat about his secret to creating a winning team and business model that prioritizes the customer. Jeff will answer burning questions about his mantra for treating customers like family, how to build an A+ team you can trust, and why he places such an emphasis on the phone.

You'll discover:

How dealerships are coming out on top in an unpredictable environment
The importance of prioritizing exceptional customer service and community
How to build a winning culture and team at your dealership
Why top-notch phone handling is paramount to any dealership's success
What technology and techniques Rosen Automotive swears by to remain competitive
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Jeff Rosen is the President of Rosen Automotive, a growing automotive group proudly serving the residents of Illinois and Wisconsin since 1989. Jeff has been in the car business since 1983 and is passionate about this business. His goal is to make each and every customer's experience the best it can be and treat everyone as part of the Rosen Automotive family.

Clint joined Car Wars in June 2015. Clint spent the first five years of his time at Car Wars working with top dealer groups around the country to help them own the phone. Now, he specifically helps dealerships in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado identify areas of their phone process that are leading to lost revenue.

Jordan has spent the past six years at Car Wars helping dealers, across the country, improve their bottom line with better phone processes. He received his undergraduate at Dallas Baptist University where he met and married his wife, Kaitlin. They have two boys, Davis & Silas. He continues to passionately address the status quo of dealership phone handling and helps automotive leaders achieve the results they really want.