Industry-Leading Strategies:
5 Trends for Increased Sales Appointments

Too many dealers are familiar with this scenario: Your team is doing well in handling incoming calls and having positive conversations with potential customers. However, despite the high call volume, you're not seeing the expected increase in sales or booked appointments. You're puzzled about why, given the evident interest, there's not a corresponding impact on call conversions. Why is this happening?

If a prospect is calling you, he or she is interested in potentially buying a car. Regardless of whether you think callers will or will not choose your dealership, give him or her the option to come into the dealership and see what you have to offer. Top dealers are utilizing the same proven tactics to invite customers in and sell more cars. Is your dealership operating to its fullest potential and going above industry standards?

Watch this on-demand webinar to uncover:

5 stand-out trends from 2023 that have a direct impact on booking more appointments in 2024
Industry-leading tactics that will help you ensure you are booking as many appointments as possible
Proven word tracks to request and invite more customers into the dealership
Top dealers' trusted methodology and KPIs to ensure your agents are setting more firm appointments

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Judson works with and manages some of our top dealer organizations to increase their bottom line through enhancing phone handling and converting more opportunities. He loves building relationships and working with dealers who are passionate about creating a winning culture.

Brett has 6 years of experience with Car Wars in phone process consulting in the Northeast region. He has helped groups like McGovern, VIP, Paul Miller, Empire and Atlantic achieve tangible improvements to their phone process and performance, in both Variable and Fixed Operations. After spending the previous year in the BI & Analytics space, he brings a fresh perspective on how to best leverage data and analytics to monetize a phone solution.