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Phone Handling Masterclass: 5 Service Phone Trends to Act On Now

Service is a popular topic of discussion these days in dealerships across the country. These unprecedented times have led consumers to hold onto their vehicles longer which means making sure their vehicles are routinely maintained to run efficiently. As customers continue to call in, dealers want to make sure their Service Departments' top resource, the phone, is being handled properly.

In our on-demand webinar, Car Wars' Curtis Batsel and Matt Alford will share the top phone trends in Service that stand out so far in 2022 to help your Service Department go from beginner to advanced in phone handling processes and performance. You'll walk away knowing how you can leverage the phone to set standards across phone handling practices, track inbound and outbound call outcomes, and create enhancements in call performance that improve CSI scores and boost your bottom line.

In this free webinar, you'll discover:

The current state of the automotive Service industry
Top phone trends based on an analysis of millions of Service-related phone calls from thousands of dealerships
Tools to measure Service phone handling performance to hold staff accountable
Ways to engage with customers to create an overall improved Service experience
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Curtis joined Car Wars in March 2018. He has been leading the Client Success team for 3 years, and their sole mission is to help dealers uncover more value from Car Wars. When he's not helping dealers own the phone, you can find him hiking with his wife and 4 kids or trying to find the best sushi spot nearby.

Matt joined the Car Wars team in September of last year. He quickly made an impact in sales development before stepping into his current role as an account executive. Matt has experience partnering with dealers both large and small to develop a phone process that works for each unique dealership. Originally from SoCal, you can find Matt trying BBQ and sweet tea to blend in with the rest of Texas.