[E-BOOK] 4 Phone Techniques Top Service Departments Use
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When the chips are down, win with Car Wars Service.

Top-performing dealers make sure every single phone call to Fixed Ops is connected to someone who can help and salvage the calls that didn't connect. This saves valuable opportunities and provides an optimal customer experience. Car Wars Service identifies callers who couldn't connect to someone in the Service Department, and pinpoints where advisors drop the ball in setting appointments to fill Service bays.

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Focus on opportunities in Service when times are uncertain on the Sales side.
Ensure more customers connect with someone in the Service department with custom routing solutions.
Use missed opportunities alerts to identify unconnected calls and reconnect to boost CSI.
Gain insight into why callers aren't connecting.
Know which marketing sources are generating the most appointment opportunities.
Do more with existing Service opportunities.
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Salvage Missed Opportunities
Be alerted every time a revenue opportunity doesn't connect or a service advisor fails to request the appointment. Valuable call details in the alert allows you to quickly follow up and book the opportunity.
I originally wanted Car Wars Service because it could provide excellent data for training and coaching purposes. It makes a managers' jobs a whole lot more efficient. Then you add the ability to salvage missed revenue opportunities and it's a no-brainer.”
Allison Drew
Training and Development Specialist, Park Place