Under the Hood: Why the Phone is Sullivan Automotive Group's Most Powerful Tool
Sullivan Automotive Group knows the phone is the top resource in reaching their main goal — creating happy customers. Car Wars recently sat down with Sullivan Auto's Website, E-commerce, and Marketing Director, Scott Skougard to discuss how he and his team are leveraging the phone to make enhancements in phone processes, improve phone handling performance, increase booked appointments, and improve CSI in Service.

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This testimonial presents:
doneHow to harness the power of the phone in Service.
doneHow to adapt to constant market changes.
doneWays to navigate high vehicle demand with staff shortages.
doneThe importance of having the right tools at your disposal.
doneHow to prepare for when the market turns.
doneSteps to take to fix the phones in your own Service Department.
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Managing the phones shouldn't be complicated or time consuming. Car Wars leverages human reviews, artificial intelligence and CRISP metrics to equip Service departments with everything they need to Own The Phone.