Building Tech Stacks that Optimize Marketing AND Your Bottom Line

As the automotive industry continues to experience major macroeconomic and microeconomic shifts, it's more important than ever that a dealership's tech stack supports its ongoing needs and optimizes its bottom line.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted with Automotive News, Colby Joyner of Cavender Automotive Group sits down with Car Wars' Jennifer Carroll and Curtis Batsel to discuss the importance of building an efficient technology stack and implementing processes to effectively utilize the technology at your fingertips. Joyner shares his recommendations for the successful adoption of any new software and the solutions he sees as critical for Cavender Automotive. He also shares how marketing has evolved in recent years, why it's so important for marketing and operations to co-exist at a dealership, and his predictions on the future of automotive marketing.

Watch this FREE on-demand webinar to:

Discover the importance of streamlining your dealership's tech stack to support its ongoing needs.
Learn the "secret sauce" to Cavender Automotive ongoing success as a family-run business spanning multiple generations.
Uncover expert advice on adopting and integrating any new software or technology at your dealership.
Learn about the relationship between operations and marketing at a dealership and why it's the key to a successfully run campaign.
Discover why reputation management and customer reviews are more important than ever.

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