Trends and Tactics:
Turn Your Sales Agents Into Phone Experts

Many dealerships lose out on potential revenue because of inadequate phone processes. All too often, they settle for complacency and mediocrity when it comes to phone handling. Managers might anecdotally understand areas that need improvement, but don't have the time or resources to make measurable improvements.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted with Automotive News, Car Wars' Jordan Patterson and Ryan Pitz will reveal five critical automotive phone trends based on newly released industry-wide data. They'll also suggest specific best practices that will help your store rise above the competition and improve your bottom line by leveraging the phone. From sales agent training resources and recommendations to suggested key performance indicators and targets, you'll walk away with a head start on your dealership's business goals.

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Discover the top five phone trends in automotive, based on newly released data.
See where your dealership stacks up in phone performance compared to competitors.
Learn training and development methods that will turn your sales agents into phone experts.
Understand what specific phone handling performance indicators you should apply to your 2022 goals to improve your bottom line.
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Jordan has spent the past six years at Car Wars helping dealers, across the country, improve their bottom line with better phone processes. He received his undergraduate at Dallas Baptist University where he met and married his wife, Kaitlin. They have two boys, Davis & Silas. He continues to passionately address the status quo of dealership phone handling and helps automotive leaders achieve the results they really want.

Ryan has a deep understanding of call tracking technology, as well as the strategies and techniques to convert callers to firm appointments that show. He has trained thousands of automotive sales professionals and BDC agents across North America. He is highly skilled at training and enabling dealers to maximize phone leads on both inbound and outbound calling.