Meet Cari.
Using AI-powered conversation analytics, Cari analyzes hundreds of data points over the phone to identify gaps in performance and hot opportunities. Now you'll be able to quickly and easily identify what occurred on each call, pinpoint quality leads, and improve conversion rates.
Works 24/7
Works 24/7

She never takes a break, sick day, or vacation

Works 24/7
Seamless Integration

She's built into your existing phone system and Car Wars tools

Works 24/7
Machine Learning

She gets smarter with every call

Discover how Cari could transform your dealership.
Cari is the engine behind the suite of AI features driving your dealership forward. She bridges the gap between data and results so you can proactively take action.

Eliminates phone code dependency by identifying agents’ unique speech melody.

Works 24/7
Gender Performance Stats

Provides agents with data on their booking success in relation to each caller’s gender.

Works 24/7
Sentiment Detection

Identifies potentially dissatisfied callers and alerts managers.

Works 24/7
Talk Time

Talk time data allows agents to adjust speaking frequency and build rapport.

Works 24/7
Call Recaps

Get a quick summary why the customer called, vehicles discussed and if an appointment was set.

Works 24/7
Foreign Language Translation

Call recaps in a language you can understand.

Works 24/7
CRM Lead Assignment

Ensures every sales call gets assigned in CRM.

Works 24/7
Screen Pops

Displays caller information live, including history and access to the CRM record.

Works 24/7
Dynamic Customer Recognition

Intelligently identifies where caller should be routed based on inbound and outbound call history.

Works 24/7

If you’re using CDK, Cari dips into your DMS data to get you the caller’s name, next Service appointment or open RO status.

Works 24/7
Deep Link
into CRM

Links directly into customer records from a live call or call audio.

Works 24/7
Live Listen

Tune into agents’ live phone calls to provide quick and valuable feedback on their phone handling.

Works 24/7
Voicemail Transcription

Powered by IBM Watson, a caller’s voicemail is automatically transcribed and dropped into the call details.

Works 24/7
Keyword Detection & Search

Filter through transcribed, connected calls for specific keywords.

Works 24/7
Facial Expression Detection

Improve tone with real-time facial monitoring and feedback while an agent is on a call.

Works 24/7
Sensitive Info Removal

Caller information, such as credit cards and social security numbers, are detected and erased from recordings.

I've easily been able to find active opportunities that have not been entered into our system; Cari has saved countless deals for our dealer group since we've started using it."
Ariana Goodwin
BDC Manager, Asbury Automotive Group
Cari is the best employee your dealership will ever hire.

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