[DATA STUDY] How the Rise in Service Departments Impacts the Phone
Car Wars is a comprehensive call tracking and phone handling solution that allows dealerships to gain visibility on phone calls, capture more leads, and improve the caller experience.
The phone should be a tool to build your business and create happy customers, not an overwhelming liability to manage. Being top-notch on the phone shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming.
Car Wars helps dealerships dominate every call, every day.
Human & Artificial Intelligence Call Review
Car Wars leverages human reviewers and artificial intelligence to track and analyze 100% of your inbound and outbound calls or texts.
Cloud Phone System
Car Wars partners with GoToConnect to deploy and provide dealers a reliable and flexible cloud-based solution.
In-Depth Insight & Analytics
Car Wars provides transparent visibility on the outcome of your calls and comprehensive reporting so you can convert more sales, service, and parts opportunities.
Seamless CRM Integration
Car Wars offers instant integration with all major automotive CRMs to increase accountability and better manage your most important leads.
Optimized Marketing Efforts
Car Wars pinpoints which marketing sources are driving the best opportunities for your dealership so you can stop wasting money on efforts that fail to generate true leads.
Actionable Alerts
Car Wars identifies calls that are mishandled or require follow-up and tees them up so it's easy to take immediate action and do more with your existing opportunities.
Car Wars is trusted by top dealerships and automotive partners:
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