Why Dealers are Making the Shift Towards Individual Agent Tracking Lines

Dealers are solving a common frustration of connecting on returned calls and successfully reaching customers on outbound calls with Individual Agent Tracking Lines. Consequently, they're seeing a boost in Connect and Pursue scores.

Individual Agent Tracking Lines, recently released last month, has already created impactful improvements for dealers to reach customers, retain business, and reconnect customers on returned outbound calls.

For a lot of dealers, the following scenario is all too familiar: A customer calls the dealership's main line wanting to reconnect with a specific agent only to be placed on hold or transferred around.

Individual Agent Lines remove this friction by providing direct lines for customers to reach specific agents.

Improve Connect Score

Each agent is designated a unique tracking line that is recorded, text-enabled, and routes directly back to the sales agent's preferred number. The designated tracking line is displayed on Caller ID from outbound click to calls and routes the customer directly to the right agent's desk/cell phone. No more phone tag. This has significantly improved Connect scores and validated outbound calling efforts.

Dealers can still provide the option to text and accommodate customers in their preferred way of communication. The designated agent line is enabled to receive text messages, and any incoming texts are automatically assigned and sent to the agent for quicker response.

In addition, any voicemails left on the agent lines are transcribed and sent to the agent via a text alert.

Improve Pursue Score

In the event a salesperson leaves a dealership, the tracking line stays with the dealer. One a staff member's profile is deactivated, the line automatically redirects to the dealership and remains active for 90 days.

With the heighted increase of spam detection, more outbound calls get flagged as spam and never reach the customer. One outbound caller ID number with high call volume can be a contributing factor to calls being marked as spam. The move from a single outbound caller ID line to multiple individual phone lines divides call volume across different lines and increases the likelihood of successfully reaching the customer.

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