Car Wars
Cloud Phone System
Car Wars partners with GoTo Connect to deploy and provide dealers a reliable and flexible cloud-based solution.
The partnership between GoTo Connect and Car Wars' shifts dealers' phone systems from being a headache to an asset that supports proper phone lead management and excellent customer service:
Capture and Integrate Every Interaction
Inbound and Outbound phone calls and text messages are captured, recorded and sent to CRM, whether the call was handled on a tracking line, desk or mobile phone.
White Glove Installation
Installation is overseen by our telephony experts that understand both the technical requirements of installing a phone system and best practices in automotive phone processes.
Eliminate expensive maintenance and IT contracts, monthly utilization and additional feature charges while increasing the number of phone calls captured.
Advanced Reporting and Call Routing
Replace confusing phone system analytics with robust end to end call recording and reporting. Enhance your customer experience using call queues, ring groups and simultaneous mobile app call delivery.
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Our cloud-based phone system offers:
Intelligent Call Routing and Queuing
Use ring groups, call forwarding, queues, paging, and more advanced routing features to get your customers connected to the right person as quickly as possible.
Contact Center Reporting
Get insight on agent answer rates, time in queue, hold time, transfer rates, and more reporting you need to ensure excellent customer support in your BDC.
Customize Your Phone Experience
Design your customers' phone experience around your dealership with call park promotions, custom call routing, customized auto-attendants, and personalized voicemail greetings.
Connect On The Go
Calls can ring to multiple devices, whether it's a physical phone, a tablet, cell phone, or softphone.
Simple Admin Interface
Add or remove users and make routing changes quickly all through a simple web interface.

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Cloud-Based Phone System

Live Call Monitoring & Dashboard Reporting

Real-Time Number Provisioning

Cloud-Hosted Extensions

Softphone Support

Administrative Web Portal

Advanced Call Queuing & Call Routing


Holiday & Time Condition Call Routing

Hot Desking

Custom Auto Attendant Greeting & Routing

Custom Hold Messaging and/or Music

Dial-by-Name Directory

Voicemail Transcription/Voicemail to Email

Mobile App


Ditch your clunky old-school system and get started with the Car Wars Cloud Phone System.
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