Individual Agent Lines
Textable lines that route and assign calls back to the individual agent

Too often, customers call into main lines at the dealership looking for a specific agent only to be put on hold and transferred around. Individual agent lines allow every salesperson to have their own lines to give customers that are tracked, recorded, and ring directly to them.

With Individual Agent Lines:

doneOutbound click to calls made by agents with agent lines will automatically show the caller the right agent line in the outbound caller ID. This allows the customer to reach the agent directly when calling back, and assigns those return calls to the agent automatically.
doneAll agent lines can be text-enabled, so customers can text the agent if they prefer to connect that way. Texts are automatically assigned to the right agent.
doneAll inbound calls to agent lines are automatically assigned to the agent to improve proper CRM follow up and team accountability.
doneVoicemails left on agent lines will be transcribed and texted to the agent.

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