Optimize Outbound Calling Activity With Outbound Click To Call

The simplest way to initiate outbound calls. Click to Call keeps your team accountable by automatically recording and logging every outbound call into the prospect's profile.

Remove the hassle of dialing a phone number and initiate calls directly within CRM. Outbound Click to Call optimizes phone calls for dealerships by connecting and logging all calls in the CRM for true sales management purposes and provides true accountability by automatically associating calls with the agent who made it.

With outbound Click to Call:

doneAutomatically check off tasks within the CRM for more effective sales lead management
doneRecordings are automatically logged in CRM for accurate insight
doneMake calls through CRM without ever opening a separate window
doneReceive agent-specific outbound call tracking activity summary reports to see which sales reps are making the most outbound calls and which are having the most quality conversations
doneIncentivize your team to exceed outbound call monthly quota
doneGain insight on the success of outbound efforts and appointment outcomes
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Click to Call minimizes clutter and allowing you to call prospects within their profiles in CRM. All it takes is clicking on the customer's name or phone number.
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