Car Wars Service + Singlethread
Streamline communication with customers through texts and calls, shortening your vehicle repair cycle.
Car Wars Service + Singlethread gives your team the solution they need for clear, consistent communication via phone calls and text messages alike. The combined offering:
Ends the phone tag game
Reconnect customers with advisors through text to avoid frustrating phone tag and reduce phone traffic.
Improves CSI scores
Receive instant feedback from customers and correct any problems in minutes.
Creates a seamless link between customers and service advisors
Whether the customer prefers to call or text or switch off between the two, Car Wars + Singlethread seamlessly connects the customer and captures the entire conversation in one place.
Creates a seamless link between customers and service advisors
Whether a customer prefers to call or text, Car Wars + Singlethread seamlessly connects him while capturing the entire conversation in one place.
The Car Wars + Singlethread offering includes:
Car Wars Service
Calls to and from your service department are tracked, recorded, and reviewed so you can provide an optimal customer service experience, book more repair orders, and gain actionable insight to improve staff performance.
Text Messaging
Reduce phone traffic and phone tag by communicating status updates, repair order estimates, and mobile payments through text.
Intelligent Call Routing to Service Advisors
Regardless of the phone number called, customer calls are routed directly to the service advisor he/she is working with.
Video and Photo Texts
Video and photo texts help customers understand the condition of their car and needed repairs.
Expedited Estimate Approval
Shorten vehicle repair cycles by getting customer approval on estimates through text.
Mobile Payments
Eliminate line-ups at the cashier with secure mobile payments.
Customer Follow-Up
Automate follow-up after appointments and get alerted of negative feedback immediately.
Voicemail Transcription to Singlethread
Voicemails left for service advisors are transcribed and posted to Singlethread for conversation documentation and quick follow up.
Status Update Request Alerts
We'll alert the service advisor via text if a customer calls in for a status update and her advisor isn't available to pick up right away.
DMS Integration
Integrations and smart links with leading dealer management systems make workflows easier for your service advisor.
End the phone tag headache in your service department.
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