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Amplify and streamline productivity with one package - Car Wars' entire suite of solutions for both Sales and Service.
Unleash your phone potential with access to everything your dealership needs to be CRISP on every call:
doneNo more add-ons
doneEvery powerful AI solution comes standard
done100% of inbound & outbound calls reviewed and categorized for Sales and Service
Dozens of new solutions to unleash your phone potential:
Help More Customers, Quicker
Dynamic Customer Recognition

Intelligently identifies where caller should be routed based on inbound and outbound call history.

Intelligent Routing

Caller smartly routed based on the previous conversations or to most qualified agent based on booking performance metrics.

Relevant Caller Info on Live Calls

Displays caller information live, including history and access to the CRM record.

Open in CRM Link on Live Calls

Links directly into customer records from a live call or call audio.

CDK DMS Dip for Service Info

If using CDK, our machine learning dips into DMS data to get you the caller's name, next Service appointment or open RO status.

Do More With Existing Opportunities
Sensitive Information Removal

Caller information, such as credit cards and social security numbers, are detected and erased from recordings.

Keyword Detection and Search

Filter through transcribed, connected calls for specific keywords.

Gain Comprehensive Insight
Performance Reporting

Use the CRISP methodology to measure performance based on connection and request rate, setting appointments, and outbound efforts.

Voice Recognition

Eliminates phone code dependency by identifying agents' unique speech melody.

Caller Gender Detection

Provides agents with data on their booking success in relation to each caller's gender.

Foreign Language Translation

Call recaps in a language you can understand.

Voicemail Transcription

Powered by IBM Watson, a caller's voicemail is automatically transcribed and dropped into the call details.

Actively Improve Phone Performance
Customer Management Dashboard

Centralized interface that presents agents with relevant customer information, direct links to CRM records and easy-to-read conversation history.

Daily Agent Stats Report

Individual agent email with detailed data of the agent's phone performance from the previous day.

Live Listen

Tune into agents' live phone calls to provide quick and valuable feedback on their phone handling.

Agent Talk Time Analysis

Talk time data allows agents to adjust speaking frequency and build rapport.

Facial Expression Detection

Improve tone with real-time facial monitoring and feedback while an agent is on a call.

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