[E-BOOK] 4 Phone Techniques Top Service Departments Use
DealerSocket User Summit
Learn From Car Wars Experts at This Year's DealerSocket User Summit

As you spend time and money driving quality Sales leads to your dealership, are you aware of what’s happening once those prospects pick up the phone and call your store? Are your salespeople logging those phone ups in CRM and following up with opportunities that didn’t convert to booked appointments? Executing these actions directly correlates with more showroom traffic.

Good news: Car Wars can help. Cassie Broemmer and Mike Haeg are leading two sessions centered around the phone at this year’s DealerSocket User Summit. Both their keynote, “How Much Money is Your Phone Leaving on the Table?” and breakout session, “Phone Calls to Your Dealership are Surging — What Plan do You have in Place?” will show attendees:

Areas within Car Wars and DealerSocket to pinpoint more Sales opportunities
How various dealers use each reporting platform to hit KPIs
Tips and tricks to continuously hold salespeople accountable to logging leads
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Cassie Broemmer is Partner and Executive Vice President of Business Development at Car Wars. Her responsibilities include building partner, reseller, dealer group, and OEM relationships. With 17 years in the automotive industry, she’s held leadership roles at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, Autotrader.com, and Who’s Calling, Inc.

Mike joined Car Wars in March 2010, where he's held roles such as Account Manager, Director of Business Development, Director of Automotive, and now, Vice President of Automotive. With almost a decade in the automotive industry, he's worked closely with most of the nation's largest dealer groups, single point dealers, CRMs, marketing agencies, consultants, and everything in between.