5 Communication Trends Affecting Call Conversion Rates Across OEMs and States

OEMs and states exhibit diverse patterns in phone calls and text interactions, providing dealers with the means to enhance their strategies for engaging customers and boosting appointment conversions. The precise number of calls and texts suggested to secure a booked appointment differs across dealerships, and by understanding where your dealership falls, you can enhance communication efficiency.

How many inbound and outbound calls does it take your dealership to book a firm appointment? What about texts?

In this FREE data study, Car Wars compiles top phone conversion trends from 2020 to 2022 by analyzing thousands of dealerships' phone metrics. The study describes in-depth trends that will improve your appointment conversions, improve inbound and outbound communication efforts, and boost the customer experience.

In this comprehensive research study, you'll discover:
doneHow many inbound and outbound calls it takes to get a firm appointment set at your dealership
doneIn-depth data based on your OEM and state
doneText message trends affecting OEMs' and dealers' appointment conversions
doneTips to improve your dealership's phone handling and texting efforts
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