7 Data-Driven Tactics Impacting Your Call Connection Rates
You are losing valuable leads by not connecting every customer with a qualified agent. It's important to understand why customers aren't connected, what third-party sources calls are coming from, and how to quickly salvage the missed opportunities. On average, only 29% of Sales leads received a call back after not getting connected when calling a dealership in 2022. Without proper phone handling skills and quality insight into call data, high-value customers can easily slip through the cracks.

Car Wars' data analysts conducted research on thousands of automotive dealerships that have been Car Wars users since 2019 to analyze phone call outcomes and common phone handling trends from 2019 to 2022. Download this FREE study to ensure your team connects with more customers and uncovers missed opportunities.

Download to discover:
doneSeven stand-out trends that are affecting connection rates at your dealership
doneHow specific times of the day, days of the week, and holidays are affecting call connection
doneNoteworthy trends for reasons specific marketing and agent tracking lines aren't connecting
doneSpecific areas your dealership should dial in to ensure no opportunity is slipping through the cracks
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