How the Rise in Service Departments Impacts the Phone

In 2021, many dealerships made an intentional shift to put greater emphasis on their Service Departments in light of vehicle inventory shortages. This shift has encouraged dealers to drive more phone calls to their service drive, but has also exposed holes in operational resources. Phone processes aren't able to keep up with the growing demand of service-driven revenue. Customer service is falling behind as customers experience longer hold times, lack of communication, fewer status updates, and limited follow-up.

In this exclusive data study, Car Wars compiled comprehensive phone trends by analyzing millions of inbound and outbound phone calls from Service Departments throughout 2019, 2020, and 2021. These phone trends illustrate areas of concern, opportunity, and growth for Service Managers to act on immediately.

In this in-depth study, you'll discover:


The top five disruptive inbound and outbound phone trends in Service


How the shift to Service has impacted call outcomes for many dealerships


Immediate adjustments managers need to make to drive ongoing revenue in Service


Actionable steps to make informed decisions and ongoing improvement in your own Service Department's phone processes

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