Proven Strategies to Overcome Inventory Shortages in 2023

Unfortunately, many of the inventory challenges dealerships face are out of their control. Dealers and customers are patiently waiting for the tides to turn and vehicle inventory to start flooding in. However, without proper processes in place, your dealership will fall behind the competition and not be prepared when that time comes.

Watch Car Wars' Jordan Patterson and Clint Byers in the first webinar of our expert series. This expert series includes three unique webinars with different topics and hosts! Each webinar host is an expert in their field and discussed one of three current hot topics in the automotive industry.

In this on-demand webinar, Jordan and Clint, our industry experts, will discuss one of the biggest challenges across the industry — inventory. A lot has changed and new innovative tactics have emerged since our overcoming inventory challenges webinar in 2022. They will give an update on the state of the industry and present new tactics we've seen successfully used by top dealers.

After this FREE webinar, you'll walk away with:

Creative strategies to overcome inventory concerns in 2023
Tools your Service Department can use to take advantage of pre-owned inventory
Strategic phone handling techniques to prepare your team for when the tides turn
Qualifying questions to ask customers when inventory is discussed

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Jordan has spent the past six years at Car Wars helping dealers, across the country, improve their bottom line with better phone processes. He received his undergraduate at Dallas Baptist University where he met and married his wife, Kaitlin. They have two boys, Davis & Silas. He continues to passionately address the status quo of dealership phone handling and helps automotive leaders achieve the results they really want.

Clint joined Car Wars in June 2015. Clint spent the first six years of his time at Car Wars working with top dealer groups around the country to help them own the phone. Now, he heads up Sales Development for Car Wars.