Car Wars Announces Seamless Texting Integration with DriveCentric to Redefine Communication and Dealership Efficiency

Dallas, TX | October 31, 2023— Car Wars, an innovator in call tracking and phone handling solutions in the automotive industry, is pleased to announce an innovative texting integration with DriveCentric, a leader in customer relationship management software for automotive dealers. This collaboration introduces a unique texting integration, utilizing the advanced capabilities of both Car Wars and DriveCentric, to redefine customer engagement and dealership efficiency.

Notable features of this integration include:

The new texting integration between Car Wars and DriveCentric fosters greater efficiency and customer satisfaction by allowing text communication through individual agent lines. With a focus on user-friendly experiences, comprehensive reporting, and enhanced CRM capabilities, this partnership sets a new standard for excellence.

“It's so exciting that DriveCentric has put such a focus on the customer experience,” explains Cassie Broemmer, Chief Revenue Officer, “Finally, the shopper can communicate with one number whether it's calls or texts. DriveCentric is the first of its kind to introduce CRM texting with Car Wars lines.”

“This collaboration between Car Wars and DriveCentric emphasizes both of our companies’ commitments to the customer experience while providing efficiencies for the dealerships that use both of our products,” says Philip Fusz, COO of DriveCentric CRM.

This partnership showcases the flexibility of Car Wars' technology, highlighting its capacity to enable a text integration within any CRM system. DriveCentric leads the way in adopting this innovative solution, setting a new industry standard for CRM excellence and priority on the customer experience. With this advanced technology, Car Wars reaffirms their commitment to innovation and adaptability with advanced communication tools that will undoubtedly enhance dealers' success.

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About DriveCentric

DriveCentric, Inc. is a leading provider of automotive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. They represent the fusion of augmented intelligence and automotive sales expertise. Their platform combines CRM, automation, and engagement tools, providing dealerships with valuable insights for better decision-making. At DriveCentric’s core, they believe in the integration of technology and sales processes to create a seamless, efficient, and exceptional experience for both the user and their customers. DriveCentric is OEM certified by most manufacturers and integrates all major DMS providers.