Car Wars Partners with GoTo Connect Cloud Phone System to Offer New Integration
Relationship brings dealers a Cloud Phone System fully integrated with their phone processes and lead management

Dallas, TX | February 7th, 2022— Car Wars, the leading expert in automotive phone call handling technology, and GoTo Connect, the leader in cloud phone systems, announced today a new integration partnership to bring automotive dealers a best-in-class combined offering.

More often than not, a dealership's endpoint phone system is a headache rather than an operational asset. For years, phone systems and IT companies have lacked the features, reliability, and industry expertise to support the needs of dealers. To solve this gap, GoTo Connect and Car Wars have developed an integration to give dealers access to a smarter, simpler phone system and extract raw phone system data into actionable metrics. In doing so, dealers are able to improve the customer's calling experience, fix gaps in operational phone metrics, and reduce costs.

“The backbone of every dealership is their phone process. For years clients have turned to us to fix their phones and our efforts have always been hamstrung by the limitations of their existing phone system,” says Sarah Dragoun, Vice President of Strategy at Car Wars. “Through our integration with GoTo Connect, we now have a world-class, flexible cloud phone system to offer our customers.”

Dealers taking advantage of the integration gain a cost-effective cloud-based phone system that provides an inclusive feature set. Every call can be tracked, recorded, and reviewed through artificial intelligence and human review and pushed into their CRM. Car Wars oversees the phone system deployment, alongside the GoTo Connect team, to guide the customer to proper configuration and take advantage of the operational gains provided. By capturing the raw data from the GoTo Connect phone system, Car Wars is able to analyze and report on inbound and outbound phone calls and text messages with or without the use of tracking lines.

The integration provides a single end-to-end call recording irrespective of hold times, call transfers, parked calls, or call queuing. This ensures end users are able to easily surface a complete phone call compared to call segments seen in a phone system. More importantly, there are no gaps in calls or texts logged in CRM, and every call is assigned to the person who handled it.

GoTo Connect's cloud phone system offers intelligent call routing, helping dealers connect with customers faster through routing options like ring groups, call forwarding, queuing, and paging. Their simple online admin portal enables dealers to customize their phone experience. The combined offering often has the flexibility to use pre-existing hardware a dealership may already have in place, as well as the option to handle calls through tablets, smart phones, or softphones.

“Bringing together the industry-leading technology of Car Wars with GoTo Connect's simple and powerful cloud telephony platform is a game changer for the automotive industry,” said Pablo Gargiulo, Vice President of Sales, Americas at GoTo. “By integrating these two tools, dealers will have access to better analytics and more information than ever before. Car Wars and GoTo Connect solve many of the communications problems the automotive industry faces in today's work from any environment and we are looking forward to helping our customers together.”

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