Car Wars Introduces Agent Line Reporting to the Staff Activity Report

A new column has been added to the Staff Activity Report!

You can now see the Connect rate of an agent's dedicated tracking line.

The NEW ‘Agent Line’ column shows you each agent's responsiveness to customers who are calling a dedicated Agent Line by displaying the number of calls received and how many of those calls did not reach the desired agent.

Additionally, this column will show you how many calls fall back to your alternative routing if your Car Wars account has Agent Line Fallback turned on.

The ‘Fallback’ column, when Agent Line Fallback is turned on, is the number of calls that hit the fallback routing. When a call hits the fallback routing, it is no longer automatically assigned to the agent who owns the Agent Line. Now, the call is assigned according to the default call assignment for the account.

This will make it easier to track which agents are performing well and who needs additional help to improve responsiveness to their customers' direct calls. Identifying the agents who are most detrimental to a store’s Connect rate is valuable data.

View the additional column to the Staff Activity Report in your own account HERE!

For questions regarding this update, contact your Car Wars consultant or Car Wars Support.