Car Wars' CRISP Certification Program is Changing the Way Dealers View Phone Training
Car Wars introduces an innovative virtual training program to help dealers optimize phone handling and increase desired call outcomes.

Dallas, TX | January 3rd 2022 – Car Wars, the comprehensive call tracking and phone handling solution trusted by top automotive dealerships, announced a new virtual phone skills training program today — CRISP Certification — that will complement its array of tools helping dealers Own The Phone. This highly sought-after program will allow dealers to effectively train and certify salespeople to expertly handle customer inquiries over the phone.

As dealers enter a new year, they will inevitably encounter staffing updates and turnover, elevated Sales targets, and an increased focus on KPIs. CRISP Certification helps agents, whether seasoned or new, become confident in addressing customer needs over the phone.

Car Wars' CRISP Certification takes the headache out of phone skills training and removes the guesswork from how agents can improve on the phone. It also helps avoid the various pitfalls faced when bringing in an outside trainer. The CRISP Certification program provides:

  • Virtual phone skills training for users through an immersive, interactive environment
  • Continuous performance feedback to keep users on track with key metrics
  • New hire training to get new agents up to speed and certified
  • New content added regularly to keep information relevant and engaging
  • Performance reporting for managers to hold users accountable
  • Reinforcement of CRISP metrics
  • “I'm thrilled to announce the introduction of CRISP Certification to Car Wars' growing suite of solutions for dealers,” stated Ryan Pitz, Car Wars' Vice President of Training. “This program is a game-changer for dealerships and their salespeople when it comes to the phone. Being able to offer a virtual training platform that removes the burden for managers and helps salespeople become more successful is incredibly exciting”

    Car Wars' CRISP Certification gives dealers and their teams a valuable resource to gain an advantage in today's competitive landscape. Learn more about CRISP Certification by visiting or contact [email protected].

    About Car Wars

    Car Wars leverages human reviews, artificial intelligence and CRISP metrics to equip Sales and Service departments with everything they need to Own The Phone. By listening to and categorizing every inbound and outbound call at a dealership, Car Wars provides managers with insight into how every call is handled, alerts them when an opportunity needs attention, and actively improves phone performance in both sales and service.

    Car Wars uses competition and transparent accountability alongside live call insight to create a high-powered phone culture that helps more callers faster and, ultimately, converts more phone calls into booked appointments.