Introducing CRISP Certification Reporting in Car Wars

We are glad to announce the new CRISP Certification reporting in Car Wars. These new reports are designed to give managers a clearer view of their store's CRISP Certification enrollment, certification statuses, and staff KPI scores.

The CRISP Certification Reporting can be accessed via the CRISP Certification page under Reports in the dashboard and sidebar menu. A multi-account version of the report is available for Enterprise users under Enterprise reports. There is now a link to access the learning platform within each report.

There are two views of the reporting: single-account user and multi-account user.

For a single account user, a manager can see all staff members enrolled in CRISP Certification, while an agent will only be able to view themselves. A multi-account user will see each store within the dealer group and then can unfurl the store to see each CRISP Certification user.

Single-Account User View:

Multi-Account User View: Unfurl the store to see each CRISP Certification user.

In the body of the CRISP report, each agent's name, role, certification status, request/invite, set, and pursue scores are displayed. The report can be automated to be scheduled and sent via email, shared via email, or downloaded. Reminders can also be sent to an agent or manager to complete their enrolled courses via the airplane icon to the right of the Pursue score.

If you hover over the score, your dealership's benchmark will be displayed. Scores below the store's benchmark are shown in red.

If you click on an agent or manager's name, it will display their CRISP Certification course history.

Additionally, the "Access CRISP Training" button is how the users will now access the CRISP learning platform.

Log in to Car Wars now to check out the new CRISP Certification report or access the CRISP Certification learning platform.

If you have any questions about the new CRISP Certification reporting or about the CRISP Certification program, reach out to your Car Wars Consultant or the Car Wars Support Team via