Product Update: Agent Lines Fallback

We're excited to introduce our new Agent Lines Fallback feature!

What is Agent Lines Fallback?

Rather than going to voicemail, Agent Lines Fallback sends a customer's call to a team member if the intended agent is not available. This gives your team the opportunity to step in and get the customer on the phone with a live representative.

How does Agent Lines Fallback work?

If you have the Agent Lines feature, you can enable Agent Lines Fallback from the Tracking Lines pod in Car Wars.

Agent Lines can be set to fallback to a DID or select advanced routing profiles (Round-robins, Queues, and Multi-rings only).

Different routing can be set up for the Sales (default) group and the Service (default) group. The group association of the owning agent will determine the alternative routing used for the fallback. Find the group association for a staff member in their Staff Profile.

When Agent Lines Fallback is enabled, the call will ring to the agent first, then fallback to the alternative routing after the time threshold.

The time threshold for all fallbacks is 12 seconds. This is in accordance with best practices and an optimized customer experience.

There will be an icon on the Staff Profile page to alert the user that the fallback is enabled.

Rules regarding Agent Lines Fallback:

The fallback cannot ring to bridge, schedule, or voicemail profiles. These profile options will not be available in the dropdown.

When a call falls back, automatic call assignment will be suspended. The call will be assigned according to the call assignment method used by your store. If you are unsure of the call assignment method used at your store, reach out to your consultant.

When the fallback is enabled, there will be a "Press 1 to Connect" prompt added to all incoming calls for the Agent Line. The agent and any staff members answering the fallback will hear this prompt. The prompt is designed to prevent calls from going directly to voicemail in the event the owning agent's phone is off, set to Do Not Disturb, etc.

Contact your Car Wars consultant or Car Wars Support for any assistance!