The New CRISP Phone Training Revolutionizes Dealership Training with Expanded Certification and On-Demand Call Coaching

We are pleased to announce the launch of CRISP Phone Training — a comprehensive solution for automotive dealerships that includes CRISP Certification for Sales, Service, and an innovative Call Coaching feature. This creates a turnover-proof solution for elevated Sales and Service excellence.

New CRISP Certification for Service

We are thrilled to expand our dealership phone training offerings with the introduction of CRISP Certification for Service Departments, a pivotal component of CRISP Phone Training. This virtual program ensures that Service Advisors are equipped to handle customer objections, incoming service opportunities, status updates, and declined services. Leveraging the CRISP methodology, the certification program assists agents in connecting callers to someone who can help and converting more opportunities with proper phone techniques for improved CSI scores and bottom-line revenue. Car Wars strongly advises encouraging callers to schedule an in-person inspection rather than settling for a price quote over the phone. The CRISP Phone Training for Service decreases the challenges of staff turnover, allowing you to enroll new Service Advisors at the beginning of the course upon their addition to Car Wars Service.

New LLM-Based Call Coaching

An addition to Car Wars' CRISP Phone Training is the on-demand Call Coaching feature, a groundbreaking tool for instant qualitative coaching on inbound and outbound sales calls. Leveraging advanced large language models specifically trained with CRISP Certification recommendations ensures feedback aligns with Car Wars' best practices. With a click, managers can deliver expert Call Coaching, access coaching notes for one-on-ones, or share calls instantly for ongoing staff development. Unlimited Call Coaching is a key component of Car Wars' CRISP Phone Training, providing a comprehensive approach to enhance staff performance and foster continuous improvement.

CRISP Certification for Sales

The release of our CRISP Phone Training package includes our current offering, CRISP Certification for Sales Departments. CRISP Certification for Sales has set the standard for phone skills training, arming sales professionals with the communication skills necessary for success. This proven program continues to drive improved customer interactions and increased appointment bookings by following the CRISP methodology.

With proven success in CRISP Certification for Sales and the new Certification for Service, along with on-demand Call Coaching, dealerships will excel in customer interactions, boost appointment conversions, and minimize the effects of staff turnover. Embrace CRISP Phone Training to revolutionize your approach to Own the Phone and drive results.

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