Transform Your Dealership's Phone Proficiency with the Introduction of Mystery Shop Scorecard

Car Wars is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature: Mystery Shop Scorecard. Designed to revolutionize how dealerships assess and improve their phone performance, this feature offers unparallel insights into every unique phone call opportunity.

Traditionally, mystery shop services charge dealers by the call, leading dealers to obtain only a small sample size. Car Wars' Mystery Shop Scorecard revolutionizes this concept by grading 100% of fresh phone-ups at your dealership.

How Does it Work?

Each month, all unique opportunity phone calls are scored by specifically trained large language models for accurate reporting. This leads to comprehensive reporting you can confidently make decisions based on. You'll receive an overview report from your dedicated Car Wars Consultant, detailing the scores and insights. Reports are available by individual call, dealership location, group, region, brand, or a custom group of stores requested.

Don't settle for limited insights. With Car Wars' Mystery Shop Scorecard, you can improve phone performance at your dealership. Gain a competitive edge, deliver exceptional customer engagement, and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Ready to transform your dealership's phone proficiency?

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