New Call Detail Feature: Unaddressed Customer Detection
Indicator added to Car Wars' Call Details quickly identifies stranded customers who still require follow-up from the dealership

Unaddressed Customer Detection — now live in all Car Wars accounts — flags customer opportunities still awaiting follow-up from the dealership and requiring immediate attention. When a customer doesn't connect to someone at the dealership and hasn't received a follow-up call or text, the customer's communication is detected and flagged.

Unaddressed customer calls and texts are marked with an orange indicator in Car Wars and require tracked outbound follow-up or manual confirmation the customer has been addressed.

The flagged customer interactions help users improve connection rates and prioritize calling efforts by identifying opportunities which may have slipped through the cracks and providing better insight on the unconnected caller status. Consistently reviewing and addressing these flagged customer interactions as part of your daily process will result in helping more customers and ultimately, a better customer service and more booked appointments.

Car Wars dealers can quickly know the current status of not connected customers and prioritize outbound efforts with unaddressed customers flagged in the platform. The orange indicators appearing on Car Wars' Call Details and text conversations signify unaddressed, stranded customers who require a follow-up call or text response.

Addressing Unaddressed Customers
How to utilize and integrate the Unaddressed Customers in your Car Wars' processes and improve your account data

Connecting callers is the first, essential step to creating an excellent customer experience and capturing each lead. Oftentimes, dealers struggle with connecting customers because callers are getting dumped to voicemail, stranded on a line, or giving up on hold before they speak with someone who can help.

Prioritizing follow-up with these stranded customers should be a top priority at every dealership.

When a customer reaches out to your store but didn't connect and has not received a follow-up, the communication will be marked Unaddressed.

The following are common, frustrating reasons customers do not connect with the dealership, and will be marked as Unaddressed if Car Wars does not detect a follow-up:

  • Reaches voicemail
  • Hangs up on hold
  • Does not speak with a someone who can help at the dealership
  • Text message left unresponsive

For dealers utilizing Car Wars Texting, customer texts awaiting a reply are also flagged in the texting platform.

Once a customer receives a follow-up or reconnects with someone at the dealership either by a phone call initiated by outbound click to call or tracking line, or text message, the unaddressed status is resolved on all interactions with this customer.

Users also have the option to manually resolve the detection and update the Unaddressed status. In the scenario a customer comes into the dealership and is helped in-person, the customer's interactions in Car Wars can be manually updated to notify the customer has been helped. Any manual changes to the Unaddressed status are documented on the Call Detail or customer text thread with a timestamp and user data.

Improving Follow-Up with Missed Opportunities Graph

The new Unaddressed Customer Detection feature provides more insight on customers' current statuses when reviewing the Missed Opportunities section of the Dealership CRISP Report.

The Missed Opportunities in the Dealership CRISP's Connect section shows the breakdown of your customers who hung up on hold or hit the voicemail box. When clicking into “Calls that Never Connected” to review these calls, the orange Unaddressed indicator will allow you to quickly see the current status of these customers who didn't initially connect and whether follow-up has occurred since.

Improving Your Reconnect Percentage

Prioritizing these unaddressed customers will directly impact the Reconnect Opportunities percentage also accessible in the Dealership CRISP's Connect report. This percentage shows missed callers who haven't been addressed yet. Focusing your outbound calling efforts on addressing these stranded callers and ensuring every customer receives a follow-up call will improve this percentage. Simply, when more customers are pursued, more outbound live conversations occur, and the percentage of Reconnect Opportunities improves.

Unaddressed Customer Detection is another valuable tool providing Car Wars users actionable insight to leverage the phone at their dealerships. This update is live on all Car Wars packages. For more information or additional questions, email [email protected] or call Support at 214-446-7867.